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Belonging and Inclusion in the Network Society

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Project: Mapping Transitions in Evangelical belonging
This logo vurRU3esearch program is a joint initiative of two researchers from the Radboud University and two from the VU University. Radboud scholars dr. Paul Vermeer (Faculteit der Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen), and prof. dr. Peer Scheepers (Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Afdeling Sociologie) conducted a quantitative survey in 2014-2015 among six Dutch flourishing Evangelical churches. Prof. Dr. Henk Bakker, who previously occupied the special chair of Baptistic Identity (associated with the Dutch Baptist Union) now holds the McClendon Chair of Baptistic and Evangelical theology. Under the chair, junior researcher Hans Riphagen received the assignment to develop a practical theological research program on patterns of baptistic and evangelical belonging.
Our joint aim in this research is to combine the rigorous methodological knowledge of quantitative approaches and sociology of religion (Vermeer \& Scheepers), with the insights from and knowledge of the Evangelical movement (Bakker \& Riphagen). In two conversations in 2018 and 2019, we found that our research interests easily add up and match, although perspectives, goals and professional disciplines may differ. In this research program, our hope is to add these strengths, and to come up with a broad survey of the Dutch evangelical movement, tracing especially changes in patterns of belonging (religious socialisation), as well as in the meaning-making associated with this.

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