PhD Supervision


Samuel Renihan, From Shadow to Substance: The Roots and Rise of the Federal Theology of the English Particular Baptists (1642-1702), VU Amsterdam

Jan Martijn Abrahamse, The Mystery of Ministry: A Theological Inquiry into the Roots of Ministerial Office Within Early Congregationalism (1580-1612), VU Amsterdam

Hruaia Khiangte, A Historical Study on the Development of the “Baptist Distinctive Doctrines” and their Implications to the Baptists’ Participation towards the Ecumenical Movement: A Search for Problems and Relevant Understandings with Special Reference to the Baptist Churches in India, VU Amsterdam

Truett Nimmons, Saving Grace: A search for the effect of The Sinner’s Prayer on church membership within a segment of the Southern Baptist community, IBTSC/VU Amsterdam

Daniël Drost, A Contrasting Community: a Systematic Theological Thinking Through of John Howard Yoder’s Perspective on the Jewishness of the Free Church Vision, on Account of Post Liberal Jewish Critique, VU Amsterdam

Kirsten Timmer, Baptist Sources: The Amsterdam Heritage (1600-1615), VU Amsterdam

Liebrecht Hellinga, Nieuwe Verbond en Belijdensdoop, aanzet tot een verbondstheologie vanuit baptistisch perspectief, uitgaande van Balthasar Hubmaier, Ulrich Zwingli en Johann Heinrich Bullinger en Pilgram Marbeck. Promotor Prof. C. van der Kooi, VU Amsterdam

Donald Arak, A Theology of Work: Towards a Character and Lifestyle of Christian Integrity for Witness in the Workplace in Nigeria, IBTSC/VU Amsterdam

Richmond Ofori-Tawiah, A Theology of Work: Towards a Contextualized Theology of Work as Worship in Ghana, IBTSC/VU Amsterdam

Vincent van Altena, What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? (in ass. with Prof. Jantien Stoter, TU Delft)

Marcin Mendon, Martin Luther on Early Church Martyrdom: the Use of Early Church Martyrs in Luther’s Works, VU Amsterdam



2015: Michael J. Pears, Towards a Theological Engagement With an Area of Multiple Deprivation: The Case of the Cornwall Estate, IBTSC/VU Amsterdam, September 2nd, 2015

2016: Lee Spitzer, “The Hand of Sincere Friendship”: Baptist Responses to Nazi Anti-Semitism and Persecution of the Jewish People (1933-1948), IBTSC/VU Amsterdam, September 6th, 2016


Referent & Opponent

2010: Alex Kish, The Origins of the Baptist Movement Among the Hungarians, VU Amsterdam, (November 18, 2010)

2015: Ekkardt A. Sonntag, Jesus, The Good Wasta? Reading the Epistle to the Hebrews in Light of a Middle Eastern Social Phenomenon, VU Amsterdam, Dec. 9th 2015

2015: Rosa Hunt, The Self-Enclosing God. John Chrysostom and Ephrem Syrus on Divine Self-Limitation as Gift of Love in Genesis 1-3, VU Amsterdam, Dec. 14th 2015

2017: Maria Cornou, Worship as a Formative Practice: The Worship Practices of Methodists, Baptists, and Free Brethren in Emerging Protestantism in Argentina (1867-1930), VU Amsterdam, Nov. 29th 2016,


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