Henk Bakker publishes new book on Jesus

Jesus: Reconstruction and Revision

On September 29th, the newest book of prof. dr. Henk Bakker has been published, which is on the life of Jesus. The book is called Jezus: Reconstructie en revisie. In his book, Henk Bakker makes a reconstruction of Jesus' life with the help of the latest insights. In Dutch language, no study has been published about Jesus for almost twenty years, even though many new discoveries have been made during that period. Henk Bakker takes stock and describes the life of Jesus in a narrative, dramatic and even provocative way. Riding on the results of recent research Bakker describes Jesus' life anew. He shows who Jesus must have been and that this is not in line with what many churches have made of it.

The book is published by KokBoekencentrum

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