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ASBaMTNew Series of Amsterdam-based Research

ASBaMT: Amsterdam Studies in Baptist and Mennonite Theology will form a high-ranking series of outstanding research that will be of international relevance and will be a platform for both younger scholars (dissertations) and established scholars (monographs, collections of essays); It is rooted in the Believers´ Church tradition (Anabaptist-related, Free Church, Peace-Church) and ecumenical in orientation; It appears in close conjunction with the McClendon Chair (VU University Amsterdam), the Chair for (Mennonite-) Peace Theology and Ethics (VU University Amsterdam), and the forthcoming Chair of Baptist Ethics (VU University Amsterdam); it is supported by the Baptist Seminary Amsterdam, the Mennonite Seminary and the Amsterdam Centre for Religion and Peace & Justice, and the International Baptist Theological Study Centre (IBTSC), on the basis of ‘shared ownership’. Annually, two publications are scheduled as hard copies and E-books, at Summum Academic,

Series Subdivisions

The series will host a spectrum of five academic fields, while at the same time holding to a narrow focus within these fields on themes that are of particular importance and characteristic to the Baptist and/or Mennonite tradition, and will bind the series together:

  • Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics: Contributions to Mennonite and Baptist hermeneutics of biblical scripture, biblical theological contributions to themes that are relevant from Mennonite and/or Baptist perspectives (e.g. justice, peace, discipleship, diaspora, etc.)
  • Baptist and Mennonite History: Contributions to the particular histories of marginalized ecclesial communities, e.g. Hussites, Mennonites, English Separatists, Free-Churches in Soviet-Times, Believers’ Churches, Peace-Churches, Post-Christendom churches, et al. The History of Christian Martyrs.
  • Systematic/Dogmatic Theology from Baptist and Mennonite/Peace-Church perspectives: Contributions to all classical topics of theology, like Christology, Trinity, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Soteriology, Justification, Baptism, et al.
  • Ethics / Peace & Conflict Studies: Contributions setting out contemporary issues regarding Non-Violence/Peace and Justice, post-colonialism, inter-cultural theologies, church-state relations, nationalism, gender-studies, public theology, interreligious dialogue(including Jewish-Christian dialogue), and critical and creative contributions to the current debate on postmodern theology, in which the (im)possibility of conceptual reflection from within and about Mennonite and Baptist traditions are problematized, systematized and made productive for the development of a systematic theological view.
  • Mission and Ecclesial Practices: Contributions researching questions of the History of (Ana-) Baptist and Mennonite Missions, contemporary Missional theologies, ecclesiological practices, and ethnographic investigations into local ecclesial communities.

The goal of our publication policy is to vary in a representative way between these fields, depending on the availability and quality of submissions. Important is to note that many contemporary studies are already interdisciplinary in character and will combine two or three of the abovementioned fields.

Serie Volumes

McMillan proof



  The first volume in the ASBaMT series is expected summer 2021 , provisional title Convictions, Conflict and Moral Reasoning by David John McMillan




Call for Manuscripts

 The series is open for promising studies in the fields mentioned above. For more information regarding the series and possible submissions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); manuscripts should be submitted according to the instruction for authors.

Chief Editors

 Bakker  Prof. dr. Henk Bakker holds the McClendon Chair for Baptistic and Evangelical Theologies at VU University Amsterdam on behalf of the Baptist Union of the Netherlands.
 Enns  Prof. dr. Fernando Enns is Professor of Theology and Ethics at VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Director of the Institute of Peace Church Theology at the University of Hamburg, Germany.
 Gushee Prof. dr. David P. Gushee is endowed professor of Christian Social Ethics at the VU University Amsterdam, in collaboration with the International Baptist Theological Study Center (IBTS Center).

 Editorial Board

  • David E. Goatley (Research Professor of Theology and Black Church Studies, Duke University),
  • Stephen Holmes (Senior Lecturer in Theology, University of St Andrews),
  • Parush Parushev (Senior Research Fellow, International Baptist Theological Study Centre and St. Trivelius Institute Sofia),
  • Helen Paynter (Tutor Biblical Studies, Bristol Baptist College),
  • Anthony G. Reddie (Tutor for the Liberation Theologies, University of Oxford),
  • Astrid von Schlachta (Head of the Mennonite Research Center in Weierhof and Lecturer of Modern History, Universität Regensburg),
  • Lina Toth (Lecturer in Practical Theology, Scottish Baptist College)


ASBaMT is a cooperation of the following partners:

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